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Frequency-Independent Effects

Frequency-Independent Effects

At Niagara Singing Bowls, we have been continuing our studies with a group of three men who are very talented in the field of Sound Practitioner   The course is called Dig Deeper and is led by Physicist Thomas Orr Anderson, Ethnomusicologist Mitch Nuhr and Gong Master Mike Tamburo. Thomas recently shared this piece of information and I thought it was important enough to share it with you. It is well written and follows our philosophy towards sound work. 

Relative Prominence of Frequency-Dependence in Actual Practice

In my personal experience (Thomas Orr Anderson), as well as in the great majority of reports I’ve heard from the most experienced Sound Workers I know, frequency-dependence of therapeutic sound effects is grossly overemphasized in the popular literature and Sound Therapy culture.
In fact, according to my experience and these reports, the great majority of therapeutic sound effects are largely independent of frequencies, as represented in the attached diagram.
The following is an abbreviated summary of primary therapeutic sound effects that are largely frequency-independent. In my experience, these frequency-independent effects play a central role in most actual therapeutic practices... far more than frequency-dependent effects do.

Examples of Frequency-Independent Sono-Therapeutic Effects

  • Profound Deep Relaxation
  • Increased Body Awareness
  • Expanded Spatial Awareness
  • Increased Fluidity in Qi Flow
  • Profound Experience of Beauty & Harmony
  • Sound-Induced / Sound-Guided Deep Meditation
  • Profound Sense of Wholeness / Integration
  • Return to Profound Inner Silence and Stillness
Each of the above is achievable with sound, quite independent of frequencies.
In my experience, the above list summarizes, with fair accuracy and comprehensiveness, the primary therapeutic effects of sound… found in most actual practice.


©2020 Thomas Orr Anderson

A Challenge To You 

Instead of choosing a frequency because someone says it is good for you, let your body choose the frequency it decides is good for itself.

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