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Crystal singing bowls!  12" - 38" Gongs!  Flutes, drums, tuning forks, tongue drums, rhythm instruments. We have it all!

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Crystal Singing Bowls Now Online

Quartz Crystal Pyramids and Merkaba

Quartz Crystal Pyramids and Merkaba

Shop for Perfect Pitch crystal singing bowls. We offer 440 hz tuning and 432 hz tuning.


We have over 100 PERFECT PITCH crystal singing bowls.  Our inventory of frosted white 440 bowls are online.  If you are interested in coloured, rainbow, 432 bowls or practitioner handles, please contact us.  We have them in the store, but not listed online just yet. 

Quartz Crystal Pyramids and Merkaba

Quartz Crystal Pyramids and Merkaba

Quartz Crystal Pyramids and Merkaba

Quartz singing pyramids

Crystal Singing Pyramids and Merkabas add another dimension to sound baths. Made from quartz crystal, these stunning instruments come in many sizes.

Chinese & Paiste Gongs & Mallets

Quartz Crystal Pyramids and Merkaba

Chinese & Paiste Gongs & Mallets

Gongs now available near Toronto Ontario, Canada.

Looking for a gong?  Each gong has it's own unique sound, so it is best to come and visit us and try out our gongs.  We have several different gongs, ranging from 12" to 40"

Wind, Chau and Paiste.  We also carry a line of Ollihess Mallets including the famous e-wand and the crazy egg wand.

Call and book your appointment to see and hear them today.

Biosonics Tuning Forks

Kindred Spirit Steel Tongue Drums

Chinese & Paiste Gongs & Mallets


Tune your world with the best tuning forks on the market, Bisonics Tuning Forks.

Book your appointment to see and feel these great instruments of healing.  Call us and we can help you find the best tuning forks for your practice.


Kindred Spirit Steel Tongue Drums

Kindred Spirit Steel Tongue Drums

Kindred Spirit Steel Tongue Drums


It took us a long time before we found the best sounding and looking steel tongue drums. 

We are proud to offer you Canadian made Kindred Spirit Drums made in Robert's Creek, British Columbia. Each steel tongue drum is custom made.  They come in a variety of scales and keys. ASK US ABOUT HELPING YOU FIND THE PERFECT KEY AND SCALE.

Blue Star Flutes

Kindred Spirit Steel Tongue Drums

Kindred Spirit Steel Tongue Drums


Blue Star began creating flutes while he  was living in Placitas, New Mexico. He calls the flutes ‘His Children’ because each time he creates a flute it’s such a unique and creative experience as if he's birthing a new part of his being . In the mid 90's, Blue Star went to the' Gathering of Nations' Pow-Wow in Albuquerque, where he first heard the magical voice of the flute. We are pleased to offer his children here at The Niagara Crystal Singing Bowls Experience.

Cree Style 13 Moon Hand Drums

Cree Style 13 Moon Hand Drums

Cree Style 13 Moon Hand Drums


These beautiful Cree style 13 moon hand drums are made by a local couple Jackie Labonte (tekaiatakwas) of the Turtle Clan of the Mohawk Nation, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and Oliver Nobosin of Swampy  Cree and mixed German/Welsh descent. They have established and are currently engaged in  expanding a cultural collective known as Kimisken Cultural Restorative Circles.

Custom orders are welcome.

Top 15 reasons to Visit or call us


You choose what you want to learn.... free of charge!

  1. Learn about the notes of the musical scale.
  2. Find out what perfect pitch is and why is it so important? 
  3. Listen to how two notes of the same pitch but of different sizes resonate differently.
  4. Learn how different musical scales create different moods.
  5. Get help in choosing the right note to fit your voice or your purpose.
  6. Learn the science and the myths of chakras and singing bowls.
  7. Discover different ways to use crystal singing bowls to meditate.
  8. Get hands on help to learn how to create a beautiful soft tone on your crystal singing bowl.  Once you know how to play, you can explore almost every note in the musical scale until you find the bowls that sing to you.
  9. Experiment with 10 different kinds of mallets to find the perfect sound for you and your singing bowl.
  10. Feel how the sound waves created by the crystal singing bowls affect you on a cellular level. It is such an awesome feeling for both your body and mind!
  11. PLAY THE GONGS!!!!!!  They are so much fun.  We have many different mallets to create a variety of musical sounds. Gongs range from  12" to 38"
  12. Learn to play a Blue Star Native Flute.  Soothing tones that are easy to learn and play.
  13. Melt away while trying out one of our Kindred Spirit tongue drums. These are real quality instruments made in BC by artist Brynn Clingwall.
  14. Check out our Biosonic Tuning forks. We even have a few gemstone feet for the tuning forks.
  15. Match your heart beat with the beat of our Cree-style 13 Moon hand drums made by a local indigenous couple.


Where are we?

We are located on Mountainview Road, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

Come for a beautiful drive in the country to our home in the heart of Niagara. When you visit our studio, we book that time for you, so you get 100% of our attention.  There is lots of floor space for you to surround yourself with singing bowls as you find the perfect notes.  When you set up your appointment, we will give you our house address.

1 hour from Toronto, Ontario

It is a very easy 1 hour drive from Toronto to Beamsville. Only three turns when you get off the QEW. Easy peasy!

Call us to make an appointment to visit

Our studio, which is home to over 60 crystal singing bowls is attached to our home, so our hours are very flexible.  We are open weekdays, and weekends. Day and evening appointments available.

Call us and we can set up a time just for you.   905-941-4695



Sound Healer and Educator




"I met Denise when she took my Source Resonance Sound Healing Training and I knew right away that this dazzling being was ready to hit the ground running with Sound Healing. Her enthusiasm was truly unparalleled and she quickly become profoundly connected to the Crystal Singing Bowls. She and her husband have created one of the premier hubs for Crystal Bowls in Canada and given her extensive musical background, she's a perfect guide to help practitioners and artists alike find out which bowls to work with, building harmonic sets and all the other beautiful combinations that can happen with these celestial instruments. Kind, funny, warm-hearted, Denise will take care of you and make you feel at ease and empowered. And if you're close by her place in Niagara,  you can go and explore the bowls up close and personal with Denise's expert guidance."


Things to Do on your trip to Niagara


Take a Hike on the Bruce Trail

The Niagara Crystal Singing Bowl Experience Studio is located in our home, on the top of the Niagara Escarpment.  We have the Bruce Trail in our backyard and you are welcome to go for a nice walk in the forest.  What a great way to de-stress.


Visit our Award Winning Wineries

We live on the famous Beamsville Bench, home to 7 of Niagara's top wineries. All are within walking distance of our studio.  So make a day of it, and take a beautiful walk in the country.


Visit Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls is only 30 minutes from us.  What a great way to spend a weekend.  Come shop for crystal singing bowls or book a private sound bath in the morning and then spend the afternoon catching in the sights of the falls.


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