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Created by Lifelong musician and sound practitioner Denise Blaney, this course will give you an intensive look into the art of playing crystal singing bowls. Taught through the creative process, you will learn to explore your crystal singing bowls in a wide variety of manners and learn to play the most beautiful sound journeys.

Sound Medicine Academy - Guy Yair Beider

Our Sound Healing Teachers Training collaborates the studying of physics, music theory, psychoacoustics and other fields of science, with practical exercises, art, and spirituality.

Reading the chapters describing the many elements of acoustics, you will learn about the human response to sound. Most importantly, you will learn how to work with sound healing instruments, and how to compel your audience to listen to your work, and to themselves. 

Practical exercises, interactive elements, and various tools that are given in each segment will help you to become a thoughtful architect of the sonic matrix and will teach you how to create meaningful content for your sound journeys

This program ignites the heart and both brain hemispheres so that you, the sound worker, can become a more skillful and sensitive artist.

Sound Healing Teachers Training covers a huge scope of knowledge in various fields and it’s broken down into very detailed explanations and subtle nuances of working with sound. You can study anywhere and at your own pace.

 The requirements are attention, commitment, dedication, and internet access. That is all! No previous experience in the field of music or wellness is needed!


This is my #1 go to for learning the facts about Sonic Wisdom. ~ Denise 

It is more of a "How To Understand" than a "How To Do" class. 

I have done about 200 hours of these Zoom videos and learned something new each time.

I like to say it's like sitting at the coffee shop listening to three experts in the sound resonance field just chatting about what they love. One is a very musical physicist, one an ethnomusicalogist and on a gong master. 

They offer three episodes a week, each episode is 3 hours and topics run far and wide. You can sign up for upcoming series and join in on zoom or watch older episodes that you choose from their episode guide. 

Signing up for classes also lets you join their facebook group which is very active.

Shannon Rose Scott - Ontario, Canada

Sound Bath Certification Training

PARTICIPANTS in this Sound Bath certification training will learn to:

- find, love and honour your connection with sacred sound instruments

- differentiate between sound as yoga, and sound as performance

- relate to the Ethics, Philosophy, History, Science and Psychology of Nᾱda Yoga

- play the sacred instruments of the Frame-drum, Gong, and Singing Bowl with accurate and refined playing techniques.

- understand the different types of Sound Baths, and how to offer them to groups, incorporating them as a Yoga/Meditation Style on its own, or combined with Yoga Nidrᾱ, Restorative, Yin, Kriyᾱ, Cakra, Haṭha or other Yoga practices.

- implement these tools into your personal practice, and your teaching

Dig Deeper - school of gong

I have learned so much about the gong from the Dig Deeper Team. I highly recommend them.~ Denise

World-Class Gong Education

• Online & In-Person • Live & FreeTime  Core & Electives  Basic & Advanced


Sound Therapy Certification Training

This program combines sound therapy principles with Eastern Medicine, Mindfulness and Neuroscience in a curriculum that equips healthcare professionals, therapists, and those with an interest in wellness, with the tools to share sound as a form of wellness and healing.

Through a variety of tools – singing bowls, voice, mantra, drums, chimes, tuning forks, students first experience, then learn the techniques of soundwork. For those who have training in Acupuncture or bodywork – additional advanced techniques will be learned.

Sound Healing Academy - England

Practitioner Diplomas in Integral Sound Healing

Learn to work with the resonant vibrations of healing sounds.
We offer sound healing training with certification for sound baths, sound therapy, massage, yoga and meditation. Online and workshop courses covering: tuning forks for healing, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, voice, drums and more!

Tried and Proven

The Sound Healing Academy has provided professional sound healing training since 2003. We have students and practitioners in over 50 countries worldwide.

Our unique Integral Sound Healing process is proven as a highly effective form of vibrational energy medicine. 

We are an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

When you qualify with one of our Practitioner Diplomas in Integral Sound Healing, you can get professional indemnity insurance to work in most countries worldwide.

Nanda Yogini - Toronto Canada

Sound Healing Training Course 40 ALL LIVE online hours

Learn how to incorporate sound in your practice and guiding sessions.

How vibration is healing and how to use it for different approaches.

To make the most of this course you would like to have at least one Tibetan or Crystal singing bowl any key. You can purchase other material within time. With only one singing bow or chime you can create an amazing and balancing space in your session.

Sound Mind 1 - Nada Yoga and Sound Healing Explained

SOUND MIND 2 - Full Practicum Experience Certification



I offer immersions + modules in Sound Meditation through an intensive weekend (SOUND/WORK), workshops, and yoga teacher training programmes looking to integrate sound into their trainings.   It is deeply important (as sound becomes more mainstream) to be educated on the gross and subtle aspects of sound medicine and to have a solid foundation to work with vibration for you and your community.   My educational offerings are immersive, thorough and will give you a sweet base to discover how to use sound in a therapeutic, creative and meditative way!

Learn to Play the flute

Jonny Lipford

Whether you're just starting out with the Native American flute or you feel that you're lacking a foundation in your flute playing, this course was made just for you. I built this course with love and intention, providing a flute player a very clear path.

The Beginning Your Journey course is complete with 40 easy-to-digest videos all with an accompanying e-book for you to reference and work through. Once you enroll in the course, you'll have forever access and you'll be able to work at your own speed. 

This course is meticulously and thoughtfully laid out so you won't struggle with gaps in your flute playing.

While it starts out very basic, in the second module, I comfortably introduce you to using a metronome and tuner as we explore beyond the basic scale so you truly understand all the notes and have an intuitive experience with rhythm.

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