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Listen to these Free Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Baths

Bedtime Sound Bath

PURE MUSIC - NO TALKING: Float away into sleep with this free soothing crystal singing bowl sound bath.

29 Minute Sound Bath for Linda

PURE MUSIC - NO TALKING : Enjoy 29 Minutes of just soothing sounds with singing bowls, gongs, chimes and pyramids.

G Major Scale Sound Bath

PURE MUSIC - NO TALKING : Enjoy 17 Minutes of deep relaxation with this G Major Chakra scale and the Double Polyphonic Clay flute.

14 Minute E Minor Chakra Set Sound Bath

PURE MUSIC - NO TALKING : Enjoy 14 Minutes of deep relaxation beginning with the low E3 crystal singing bowl. 

11 Minute Sound Bath with Low E from Nature Sounds Video

This video has TALKING AT THE END to describe the set of crystal singing bowls. These are the notes used in the "Sound Bath in E with Nature Sounds" video.

6 Minute Mini Sound Bath with Nature Sounds

PURE MUSIC - NO TALKING : Imagine you are laying on the forest floor on late winter morning. Let the breeze and the singing bowls take you away from today's thoughts.

23 Minute Soothing Sound Bath for Mikkaila

PURE MUSIC - NO TALKING : Relax and close your eyes with one of our most popular sets of crystal singing bowls.

16 Minute Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath in Low C with Alpha Waves

PURE MUSIC - NO TALKING : C3 is the lowest note available in crystal singing bowls. I can't get enough of this deep grounding tone when combined with the G3.

32 Minute Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls and Tongue Drum for Judy

PURE MUSIC - NO TALKING : Enjoy 32 Minutes of deep relaxation with the G Mixolydian Scale plus a high D5, Alpha and Theta waves and an F minor tongue drum.
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