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Checking the tuning of Crystal Singing Bowls

Checking the tuning of Crystal Singing Bowls

To check the tuning of on instrument you need an app.  We like to use the tuning app SoundCorset on our phone. 
It will give you a screen shot like this.
Once you have it , you can use the app to listen to your instrument and tell you the pitch.

Do you know how to tell the exact pitch of the bowl you want to buy?  Is it sharp, flat or perfect pitch? Will it sound good with your other bowls?

First, Does perfect pitch matter?

Yes it does.

Frosted crystal singing bowls are sold either Perfect Pitch or non Perfect Pitch. It will say PP, or Perfect Pitch, if it is. Perfect pitch bowls are in tune + or - 10 cents.  Perfect Pitch bowls can sometimes be more expensive than regular singing bowls, but, it is worth it if you are buying more than one.

If the singing bowl is advertised as an E note, with no reference to it's tuning, it is probably a bit flat (low) or a bit sharp (high).  This is not a problem if you only own 1 bowl, because It will sound beautiful on it's own. However, if you plan to eventually purchase more than one crystal singing bowl, you will want your bowls to be in tune with each other.  It is easier to match them in the future if they are all perfect pitch to begin with.  



How to Read the Note & the Pitch

There are 100 cents or points between 2 adjacent notes in the Western Musical Scale.  

Let’s look at the sound between Eb and E.  There are 100 cents or points between these two notes on the scale.  Reputable companies selling crystal bowls will let you know the exact pitch of the bowl you are buying. For example, if you were buying an E note crystal singing bowl,  you would know if it was flat by 39 cents (Em39 = E minus 39 cents) or sharp by 45 cents (Ep45 = E plus 45 cents) or if it was perfect pitch (Epp).

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