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5 F# Gongs - 5 Different Sounds

5 F# Gongs - 5 Different Sounds

We are lucky enough to have 5 different F# gongs in our gong room. This gives us a great opportunity to hear how the material use, shape, and size can change the timbre/sound.

F# Paiste Gong

Paiste gongs are made from nickel and silver.  Symphony orchestras like to use Paiste and other brand name gongs because they are predictable. They can order a specific note to match the composition that the orchestra is playing. In those cases, you need a predictable, exact sound which is something that Paiste offers. 

F# Chau Gong

Chau gongs are heavier than wind gongs. They have a very earthy, grounding character with well resolved tones both high and low. If the Chau gong is the earth, than the wind gong is the sky. Chau gongs have a rim, are charcoal grey with a large polished playing area. 

F# Pure Chau Gong

The Pure Chau begins as a traditional Chau gong, but is fully lathed creating a smooth surface. It crashes easier, and has a more brilliant sound.


F# Earth Chau Gong

The Earth Chau begins as a traditional Chau gong that has not been lathed. It looks exactly as it did when it came out of the fire. However, it is cleaned up a bit. It has a more controlled sound, bringing out deeper tones. 

F# Wind Gong

Wind gongs are flatter and lighter than the Chau gong. Their sound pattern is instantly low pitched and full, as soon as it is lightly struck. When struck more soundly, the sound effect is explosion, up to a lasting roar. Below 30", they sound clear. For 30" and bigger, they gain depth in the bass. When playing hard, wind gongs have a crash characteristic giving the effect of a storm.

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