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Michelle Allard - Sound & Surrender

Michelle Allard - Sound & Surrender

Sound worker Michelle Allard


“There is an underlying interdependence that weaves together the threads of the cosmos, life, breath, energy and the very tapestries of our lives”. 

The energy of The Universe + our own personal energy system, speaks to us + sends us so many important messages throughout our day. Unfortunately the majority of us function daily in an overstimulated + overworked environment + our busy minds are too consumed + distracted to lean into self care + introspection.

In order to achieve our best health we must slow down + listen deeply, in order to act + navigate our world, from a nourished heart centred space.  

Building bridges between Sound + our physical, emotional + Spiritual bodies, Michelle’s Sound Journeys are curated in a safe + sacred container, guiding you to elevate your Spiritual growth, unlock your higher gifts + ignite your intuition so you can truly connect to a deeper + higher capacity of knowing.

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