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JEM  Yoga and Sound - Niagara

JEM Yoga and Sound - Niagara

Tune-In Tuesdays  :  Soulful Sunday Mini Retreats  :  Group Classes

Jem Yoga and Sound with her Crystal Singing Bowls

Hi, I'm Jamette!  I facilitate yoga classes and sound baths and mini day retreats.

I promote living from a place of love and compassion and being in coherence and authenticity in all our interactions.

The best way that I have learned to facilitate this for myself and others is by working with the nine energy systems (as taught by Donna Eden), with yoga, and with sound vibrations.

Our energy is our most precious resource. Let’s work on our energy systems so we can live our best and most fulfilling life.


Jem Yoga Sound PractitionerCrystal singing bowls in Yurt

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