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Pentatonic Scales

The pentatonic scale is a fun scale to play with. It is made up of 5 specific notes in the scale I II III V VI (1, 2, 3, 5 & 6). It can be cheerful with in the major key, and more mellow and mysterious in the minor key. All the notes sound beautiful together, so if you want to tap a melody and not have to think about what note to hit next, this scale is perfect. The pentatonic scale can come in any key that you like, which means it can start on any note, high or low.

E Major Pentatonic

Listen to the frosted crystal singing bowl video in E Minor Pentatonic.  First played with two octaves, and then each octave separately. The beauty of the pentatonic scale is that every note sounds beautiful together so you don't need a musical background to play them. The pentatonic scale comes in many different keys.  I can help you find the key that suits both your voice and any other instruments you have. Each note comes in a variety of sizes and we can help you build a set that fits your space.


F Major Pentatonic Scale in Two Octaves

These next two videos were made for a client in Michigan who was looking for an F Major Pentatonic Set of Crystal Singing Bowls in two octaves. The first video is just F major pentatonic scale in two octaves, and the second video has the addition of a 6 hertz theta brainwave set.

Read a study about 6 hertz brain waves here.


C Major Pentatonic Scale

The 5 tone pentatonic scale is a great scale for starting your crystal singing bowl collection.  Every note that you play will sound beautiful with the other notes.  You just can't go wrong.  We can help you pick out different sizes, keys and colours for your bowls.  Just give us a call or come out and visit us.  

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