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How to Care for your Crystal Singing Bowls

How to Care for your Crystal Singing Bowls

  • If your crystal singing bowl is dirty, you can wash it like fine china. Use soap and water, or glass cleaner to clean it. Because of the texture on the outside, just pat dry. Wiping with a dry cloth will pick up lint.
  • Crystal singing bowls are pretty durable, but they are breakable. The two most common ways to break a bowl is to drop something in it, or by stepping over it and knocking into another bowl. If you join the Broken Bowl Club, save the pieces. We will take them and give you 15% off a replacement bowl.
  • Always have the rubber ring under your singing bowl. Playing a bowl on a hard surface without the ring, may cause it to break. You can place the ring on a hard surface or a carpet.
  • If you stack your bowls into each other make sure they are well protected from each other with bubble wrap, a one of our neoprene bags or some thick fabric. When two bowls tap each other, they can chip.
  • If you wish to play with a crystal stone or a puck light inside your bowl, be sure to lay a soft fabric in the bottom to absorb vibrations so that the item doesn't crack your bowl.
  • All that being said, in the last three years, we have only chipped two bowls and Theo broke one bowl. Both were chipped when we were careless putting them close to each other on the shelf. Theo broke an 18" bowl because we had it sitting under the window ledge and he used it as a springboard to reach the couch. Not a good place to keep a bowl. Oops! Happy to say he loves laying in bewteen the bowls not he shelves and has never broken one since.

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