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Individual Euphone™ Notes

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Now you can add to your existing Euphonic Array or even configure your own arrangement.

We also offer FULLY customized instruments built by us in your choice of size, color, scale and tuning.

The following individual tenor notes are available:

A3 | A#/Bb3 | B3 | C4 | C#/ Db4 | D4 | D#/Eb4 | E4 | F4 | F#/Gb4 | G4 | B3 | G#/Ab4 | A4 | A#/Bb4 | B4 | C5 | C#/Db5 | D5 | D#/Eb5 | E5 | F5 | F#/Gb5 | G5 | G#/Ab5 | A5 | A#/Bb5 | B5 | C6

  • Standard color scheme – textured aluminum chambers with chrome plates
  • Every note comes with one Stainless Steel playing rod.

NOTE:  Price does NOT include shipping.  After we receive your order we will email you the shipping quote.

All notes tuned to 440hz standard, but also can be tuned to 432hz or any frequency for an additional fee.

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