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60" Chau Dream Gong

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60" Dream Chau Gong

Weight : around 160 lbs


The Dream brand is well known in the orchestral world for it's quality instruments. A recent client relayed a story about how she was telling the percussionists in her orchestra that she was looking at purchasing a Dream gong and they had some very glowing words to share with her about this brand. They encouraged her to make her purchase if she liked the sound of her gong. We love Dream gongs too.

This traditional 60" chau gong is beyond words. We brought it into our studio but quickly realized it was too big for our space. Was able to convince Ivan to help me hang it on our porch so that I could play it and make you this video. It was 5 degrees below zero Celsius (23 Fahrenheit) and windy outside, but I still had a blast playing this gong. The sound quality of the recording isn't the best, especially with the wind on the mics, but I am sure you can get a good idea of how this beauty might sound in your space. I used a variety of Dragonfly percussion mallets to bring out the different overtones. If you are interested in playing this gong before purchasing, just call us and we can make arrangements for you to play it indoors at a different location.


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Stand Options

Option 1 is a beautiful and sturdy cedar stand on locking wheels, as show in the photo.  $850

Option 2 is a Custom Made Gibraltar Stand. These are excellent stands that can be modified as your gong inventory grows. $550

Option 3 is you create your own gong stand to fit this magnificent gong.

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