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We are hoping to commence workshops and seminars in August or September. Sign up for our mailing list below to be updated on our social distancing measures, and our schedule. 

We currently have 4 workshops that we will be offering. Check out their descriptions and see which one interests you the most! Feeling unsure? Give us a call and we will happily chat with you so that you stay informed and make the right decision.

Sound Bath 101 - Instrument Training

September 26th & 27th


There are so many different ways to offer a sound bath. In this interactive workshop you will receive guidance while you practice giving mini-sound baths to one another. We'll discover some simple do’s and don’t’s by following each practice with a group discussion that will allow for feedback. Instruments that we will use include: Himalayan & crystal singing bowls, crystal pyramids & gemstone filled practitioner wands, gongs, native drums & flutes, ocean drums, shruti box & box tanpura, chimes, shakers, and tuning forks. We have plenty of instruments for everyone to use.  Buy Tickets Here

Gongs 101

August 9th, 2020 : One spot left!
Sign up for this workshop or a repeat of this workshop  in late August. 
Did you know that every gong sounds different? Come and experience for yourself in this hands-on workshop. Topics Include: different brands, how a brand material or size can affect the sound, the use of mallets to find and pull out over tones, & strategies to get the most out of your gong! Most of your time will be spent playing in our beautiful gong showroom, experimenting the concepts that we teach you. Everyone will leave with a strategy worksheet to continue learning at home. For more information or to register call 905-941-4695

Singing Bowls 101

Coming in September 2020
New to singing bowls? This workshop is for you! In this workshop we will learn how singing bowls are made, dispell myths, & look at the historic facts and science behind sound healing. We will also explore all of the notes that are available, compare different sizes of bowls & the different materials. Most of this class will be spent with you playing our wide selection of bowls.

Singing Bowls 202

Coming in September 2020

This workshop is for people who have, or are looking towards owning 5 or more singing bowls. In this hands on workshop, we will explore several ways to set up your bowls to make playing easier.  You will have the opportunity to play and experience singing bowls with many different interval combinations. This will allow you to feel how these harmonies affect your mind and body, which will create a better experience for yourself and your listeners.

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