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Gongs 101 Workshop Agenda


  • ARRIVAL 9:30 AM- 10 AM : Explore the store
  • SESSION #1  10 AM - 12 PM: Instruction in Gong Room
    • how to greet your gong
    • how to hold a mallet
    • how to strike a gong
    • finding sweet spots on the gong
    • demonstration of ways to play a gong
  • Breakaway into 6 stations, roughly 10 minutes at each station to explore the gongs
    • what happens when I do this or that action?
    • what happens when I do the same thing with a different mallet?
    • what happens when I change the speed of my attack?
    • what happens when I change the frequency of my attack?
    • What happens when I let the sound fade into silence?
  • LUNCH BREAK: 12 PM to 12:30 PM    Lunch break outside under the walnut tree (Bring your picnic lunch)
  • SESSION #2   12:30 PM to 3:00 PM:
  • Group Discussion under walnut tree
    • sharing observations discovered when exploring the gongs.  Discuss questions that arose
  • Group Instruction
    • how gongs are made in China, Europe and North America
    • how does sound work?  What are hertz?  What range of notes do gongs cover?
    • how overtones and harmonics are created on the gong
    • how mallets pull out different sounds of your gong
    • explore friction mallets “flumies”
    • use of the gong in sound healing / sound immersion experiences
    • discuss assignment :
        • Each participant will choose a gong and play an impromptu gong immersion/bath for the classmates, who will be laying down and absorbing the sounds of the gong. After playing, we will discuss techniques used and offer “A like and a wish”  feedback.  Remember: you are brand new, so there are no grand expectations.  This is an exploration exercise designed to encourage everyone to listen and understand how our bodies respond to different different techniques.
  • Breakaway into 6 stations, roughly 15 minutes at each station to continue practicing techniques learned through the day.  Think about some techniques you might use for you 5 minute gong exploration presentation in session #3.   
  • SNACK BREAK 3:00 - 3:15
  • SESSION #3   3:15  PM to 5:00 PM:  Gong room and Music Room
    • presentation of 6 gong explorations, each one followed by a discussion of how the individual gong and the techniques applied affected the sound and the way our bodies responded.
    • Discussion on ways to practice at home.
    • Using the gong in sound healing / sound immersion experiences


WORKSHOP IS OVER AT 5:PM but you are welcome to stay and have takeout dinner with us and explore the store or just visit and have fun.
    • Chinese Dinner for One (served with egg roll, sweet & sour chicken, chicken fried rice or steamed rice)  $12  choose one: ___Chicken Chop Suey,  ___Beef and Broccoli,  ___General Tso’s Chicken (hot).
    • Gino’s Pizza : Choose one  ___ 7” Panzerotti with 3 toppings $8.50,   ___  two  7” Panzerotti with 3 toppings & 2 pops $16,    ___ Small pizza 3 toppings & two pops $15

          WHAT TO BRING TO THE WORKSHOP             

  • Comfortable clothing for both indoors air conditioning and outdoors. You will be in the shade when outdoors.
  • A well fitted mask.   We have had some visitors come with very loose fitting masks that are not very effective in preventing the spread of Covid.  Please be sure your mask has a close fit to your face.
  • You will be experiencing a gong bath.  If you wish, bring a pillow, blanket and eye mask to help you feel more comfortable.
  • Bring a picnic lunch, snacks and cool drinks in a cooler.   
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