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Jackie Obermeyer, PHD - Tuned Sound Therapy

Jackie Obermeyer, PHD - Tuned Sound Therapy


Jackie Obermeyer, PhD - Tuned Sound Therapy

Tune-in to your authentic Self and discover your unlimited potential.

Tuned Sound Therapy offers “Symphonic Healing” - tuning, balancing and synchronizing of your frequencies like a symphony orchestra to bring forth the authentic music of your entire being. Jackie holds a PhD in chemical and biomedical engineering from the University of Toronto with a focus on neuroplasticity. Combining this expertise with 25 years of musical training, she uses Solfeggio frequencies and combinations of sounds to disrupt limiting subconscious programming and implement new neuro-architecture to support the growth and evolution of your consciousness. Jackie is a certified vibrational sound therapist, with additional certifications in Precision Nutrition coaching, and Level 2 Reiki.

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