"I am in love with the bowl and am so grateful for your guidance!" ... Katherine

"Being completely new to crystal singing bowls, they walked me through the various types of crystal bowls and took the time to explain the technical aspects in a totally accessible way. They were incredibly generous with their time - letting me try almost every bowl they had - and worked with me to find the perfect singing bowl! We also tried several mallets and techniques to create the perfect sounds for me. I was lucky to find a bowl I loved on the first visit and the hands-on guidance made it a wonderful experience!"



"They were super accommodating to my busy schedule. "... Nicole

I had the pleasure of attending personalized Niagara sessions with a personal appointment booked. They were super accommodating to my busy schedule. I searched the internet high and low for a business that I could purchase quartz crystal singing bowls near me and boy oh boy was I ever so humbled by my experience!!! I Learned so much coming into their home and setting up the musical quartz crystals in such an effective way where I was even learning more information then I previously knew before my appointment. The session was enjoyable and relaxing, fun and interactive. It allowed myself to feel comfortable in their space and fully enjoy the hours I was lost in the wonderful experience. Ivan is knowledgeable and kind. He was gentle with his guidance of a variety of musical strategies and in the development of my individual practice. I enjoyed the time I spent working with them. I Look forward to coming back to Niagara crystal signing bowl experience in the future and gaining even more insight and knowledge about musical instruments then I had before :) Highly recommend.

5 STAR Google Review - Nicole S


"There are no words to express how wonderful of an experience this was."... Trish

There are no words to express how wonderful of an experience this was. A friend of mine invited me to join her. We called ahead to set an appointment time and upon arrival to this Beamsville countryside gem could see that the property lent itself well to this experience.

The drive up through the countryside definitely set the back drop for our afternoon. Arriving to be greeted by a lovely couple and their fur babies we were in awe of the large Gong in the entranceway. Using an Olli Hess e-gong tool we were able to mimic the sounds of porpoise. Following an in-depth chat about all things Lightwork as both my friend and I are practitioners we proceeded into the large room which housed 25 plus crystal bowls and other amazing instruments such as tingshas and Koshi chimes.

We proceeded to be led through a demonstration of how to play, proper pitch and of course choosing which sound resonated with us for our own purpose and practice. The musical knowledge and understanding of vibrational frequency and how it aided healing was so comforting to be in the presence of. They really understood the impact of sound therapy and honour the practice for healing guiding those interested towards blogs and websites online to expand your own knowledge.

An authentic experience which I cannot wait to have again. We left with this 13” D4 crystal bowl Seen in the photos which we cannot stop playing!

Peace-Light-Love to these amazing individuals.

5 STAR Google Review - Trish K


"The Niagara Crystal Singing Bowl Experience is truly a delight." ... Luisa

Each and every time I have been there I am warmly welcomed with a friendly smile. They are patient, kind and really take their time with you, allowing the space to try out numerous singing bowls so you can truly make an informed descion, without pressuring you to buy. With their deep knowledge of music and the products they offer, they worked with me to carefully curate my set of crystal singing bowls to suit my needs and vocal range. Thank you so much for the wonderful service.

5 STAR Google Review - Luisa


"This was my 2nd experience with this Amazing Team!" ... Jennifer

I feel truly blessed for the time and knowledge that was shared. I am well on my way for practice into Sound Healing. I highly recommend them they have a wide variety of many sound instruments and very well priced. 

5 STAR Google Review - Jennifer F



Deciding which A3 crystal singing bowl is the best sounding bowl.

Not all crystal singing bowls sound the same.  Each bowl has it's own resonance, it's own timbre.  Luisa was surprised to find that all three A3 bowls had a little different nuance to their sound.   Funny thing is, she came with the intent of adding an A3 to her set, but left with a C4 because it sounded so much nicer with her other two singing bowls.


Picking out the right notes.

These two lovely ladies spend about three hours taking bowls off the shelf to create different combinations until they were able to find the perfect crystal singing  bowls.   That is the great thing about the Niagara Crystal Singing Bowl Experience.  Your appointment time is reserved for you and you take as long as you like to try out the singing bowls.


Falling in love with 18" Low C

Lauren was looking for a low note to use as a drone in her sound baths.   She finally settled on the Perfect Pitch Low C3.  You can feel the vibrations through the wooden floor.