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Set of Two 24” Dream Chau Gongs - Delta Waves on G2

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This is a beautiful set of two gongs that create 3 hertz delta waves when played together.

24" Dream Chau Gong 100 hertz G2+35

24" Dream Chau Gong 97 hertz G2 -18

These two Chinese Chau Gongs create  DELTA WAVE - BINAURAL BEATS because their fundamental notes (lowest tones) are only three hertz apart. (Hertz are cycles per second.)

Listen to the video. Can you hear the beat counting 1 2 3, 1 2 3? You are hearing the 3 hertz delta wave binaural beat. Delta waves are the brain waves registered when you are in a deep meditation or sleep.

The theory behind listening to the waves is that you are entraining your brain to remember that pattern, to entrain it, which in turn can help your brain slow down and reach a better sleep or deep meditation.

For a better understanding of what is happening with the binaural beats, check out the video in our learn section. 

If you already have a gong or singing bowl and would like to have a second instrument to make brainwave patterns, I can help with that too.  The logo can be easily removed upon request. 

If you would like to hear a video of this gong, please call us. We would be happy to make you a sample video. 

Our Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

If for some reason you are not happy, please call us. We want you to love what you buy, and we are happy to work with you to find the perfect item. It must arrive to us in the same condition as when it was shipped out.

Stand Options

If you would like to display your gong on a stand, please call us and we can help you decide which stand would be the best option for your purposes.

Option 1 is an entry level Chinese Square Stand. This is a low priced option. The finish may not be perfect on it, and you might get the occassional vibrational noise when crashing your gong, but you cannot beat the price. The benefit of this stand, is that it has adjustable height, so you can play sitting or standing. It has locking wheels which makes it easy to move around.

Option 2 is an entry level Chinese Circle Stand. This is a low priced option. The finish may not be perfect on it, but your gong is so stunning, you'll hardly notice any imperfections. You cannot beat the price.

Option 3 is a Paiste Gong Stand which is avaible in both the adjustable square stand with wheels, and the circle stand. These are better quality stands, with a nicer finish, but they also have a higher price point. The Circle Stand tends to sway when you get your gong really singing.

Option 4 is a Custom Made Gibraltar Stand. These are excellent stands that can be modified as your gong inventory grows. They are well worth the extra money.

Shipping Costs

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Approximate Shipping Costs:

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24" Gong- $35 (Canada Address) & $55 Can (USA Address)

26" to 28" Gong- $40 (Canada Address) & $70 Can (USA Address)

30" to 34" Gong- $100 (Canada Address) & $80 Can (USA Address)

36" Gong- $230 (Canada Address) & $240 Can (USA Address)

38" Gong- $240 (Canada Address) & $240 Can (USA Address)

40" or larger, please contact us.

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