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G Mixolydian Chakra Scale - 8 Notes

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The video I have included has different sized bowls than what are being sold here, but it gives you idea of what the set would sound like.   I have chosen the most ideal sizes for you and bundled them together into this set. 

The Chakra scale can be started on any note and use any scale. Use the notes the feel good to you rather than something that someone says you need to have.  In this set, the notes start on G3 and work their way up to the higher G4.  

We like to sell Charka sets with the 8th note because the high G4 and gives a sense of closure to the scale. 

This scale is the Mixolydian scale which is similar to the G major scale but it has an F4 instead of F#4. It sounds less traditional and many people enjoy the warmer tone of this scale. 

Solar Star : 9" G4 Perfect Pitch

Crown : 10" F4 Perfect Pitch

Third Eye : 10" E4 Perfect Pitch

Throat : 11" D4 Perfect Pitch

Heart : 12" C4 Perfect Pitch

Solar Plexus : 13" B3 Perfect Pitch

Sacral : 14" A3 Perfect Pitch

Root : 14" G3 Perfect Pitch

This kit also comes with two silicone wands.

If you wish, you can add 3 padded bags for easy transport.

Bag #1: 14" G3, 12" C4, 10" F4

Bag #2 : 14" A3, 11" D4, 9" G4

Bag #3 : 13" B3, 10" E4

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Care For My Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls are very easy to care for. When they are dirty, use a toothbrush, soap and water to gently scrub your bowl clean. For best appearance, air dry your bowl (a towel will leave lint).

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