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14" 10 Note Ascension : E Major Pentatonic Kindred Spirit Tongue Drum

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Hand made in British Columbia by talented artist Brynn Klingwall of Kindred Spirit Steel Drums

This 14" 10 note Ascension Series in E major pentatonic is a beautiful steel-tongue drum made from heat-treated carbon steel. Each tongue on the Ascension series is pointed, with a fundamental tone, and tuned with Linotune.

Warm, Bright, Harmonically Solid.

The Major pentatonic Scale steps are: 1-2-3-5-6. These drums are great for beginners or if you are looking for a Steel Tongue Drum to match a particular Major key you are wishing to play in. Our most popular scale. 

Standard Features Include:

An internal and external powder-coated finish (Base and top-coat), an internal rubber dampening system, a wooden laser-cut emblem and sound-hole plug to improve the bass frequencies, rubber feet, instructional booklet, and a set of house-made mallets.

How to play a tongue drum

The notes are laid out on each of the drums so that you can create a most beautiful melody by starting at the bottom and alternating right and left hands as you go around the instrument.  You can also play a beautiful tune by moving around the instrument in a circular manner. 

Watch a video that I made while out in the forest.  I offer a few different ideas to create your own tunes.

Custom Orders

Are you looking for a model or scale not listed on our website? No problem.  We can custom order a drum for you. 

 Listen to our playlist of some of the models that we have had in our store.

Visit the Kindred Spirit Steel Drum Website and look at all your options and then give us a call.


Shipping to all locations in Canada is $45. 

Shipping to US is $80

For all other locations, please send us an email to relax@niagarasingingbowls.com


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