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FLutes available today

Ancient Future Native Flute


Our present inventory includes

 18" Cedar B minor Pentatonic $150

27" Cedar - E minor Pentatonic  $170

Goddess Style Native Flute


Our present inventory includes

18" Cedar B minor Pentatonic $150

27" Cedar - E minor Pentatonic  $170

21" Brazilian Bloodwood with Amethyst stones $220


A message from Blue Star

I began creating flutes while I was living in Placitas, New Mexico. I call the flutes ‘My Children’ because each time I create a flute it’s such a unique and creative experience as if I’m birthing a new part of my being . In the mid 90's, I went to the' Gathering of Nations' Pow-Wow in Albuquerque, where I first heard the magical voice of the flute. The sound pulled me into a state of remembering. And at that point I knew I had to learn to play the Flute! Within a week, I was playing songs that seemed to just flow through me. I noticed such a difference in my whole being! Playing the flute taught me deeper breathing which led to a more relaxed state of being! I was taught by the elders to play my intentions and prayers through the flute and feel them spread throughout the universe, and know that they were being received! My intentions at that time were to find my life's purpose! A clear vision came within a month! The Children brought the first True knowing of Gratitude into my Life! Now each day is based in Gratitude and Love.....And the story continues.... It is my passion to bring these flutes to you as a tool for transformation. As you choose to invite the spirit of the flutes into your lives, you will notice some simple yet profound shifts in your waking life: greater sense of peace heightened state of creative focus deepening awareness of the interconnectedness of life extended periods of being in the flow

Each child has it's own personality, temperament, and style. So it is with each of us. You will intuitively know which child best fits you. Consider choosing your flute as an “adoption” process. There is one that will resonate with you more than the others, one that will call to you to become part of your own family. Take some time to explore the gathering of children below. Imagine holding each flute, moving your breath peacefully through to create a playful state of being. Ask yourself, 'Is this the one?' Listen to remember which flute suits you. Take joy as you follow the call to welcome a child into your heart and home. 

Blue Star

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