Learn about sound and energy healing

Tuning and Perfect Pitch

Learn how to find out if your metal or crystal singing bowls are perfect pitch.

Do you know how to tell the exact pitch of the bowl you want to buy?  Is it sharp, flat or perfect pitch. Will it sound good with your other bowls?

440 hz vs 432 hz

Crystal singing bowls are tuned to 432 hz and 440 hz.  Learn about these two tunings.

There is some controversy about 432 hz being more healing and rootedd in history.  But is it true? I have compiled several articles to help you understand better and help make your own decision.

Brain Waves Explained

Tibetan and crystal singing bowls can change your brain waves. Find out how.

Using different frequencies with crystal singing bowls, tingsha chimes or other instruments assist with relaxation, deep sleep and focus.

Chakras Explained

When you understand chakras, you can add them to your meditation with the singing crystal bowls.

Learn about Chakras and how they can be used in sound healing.

Is Red Root Chakra Really a C Note?


The colour red is actually linked to the note G. Read more.

Books To Read

Many books to read about sound, healing and singing bowls

If you are exploring sound healing, we highly recommend you add these books to your reading list.


Watch videos to learn about sound and energy healing.

There are so many great videos to lead you on your way to sound healing. Here are a few of our favourites.

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