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Inventory includes Paiste, Dream, Arborea, Ollihess.  16" to 36"

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Sound Healing & Yoga Studios Gongs

Ask anyone for advice about buying a gong and they will probably tell you, "You need to play a gong before you buy it."  That is probably the best advice there is.  We have a variety of Chinese gongs in our studio and each one sounds uniquely different. There are so many variables that make each gong sound different. We are an authorized Paiste Gong dealer and can find the right gong for you.

Gong Mallets are important too

We have a variety of Olli Hess Gong Mallets.  These are some of the best professional gong mallets available. Their most popular gong mallet is the e-gong mallet. It creates whale sounds!  You can hear the Olli Hess gong mallets in the videos below. 

Gongs for sound healing available now in Ontario, Canada

The prices of our Chinese gongs are very competitive and tend to be a little below the price that it would cost for you to import one from the US.  Prices range from $200 - $2,000.  

32" Dream Wind Gong - C2

This is a traditional Chinese Gong under the brand name of Dream.  Dream gongs are very popular with symphonic orchestras and are sold all over the world.  This gong has a fundamental note around 64 hertz (C2), with overtones around 91 hz (F#2), 132 hz (C#), 179 hz (F3),  243 hz (A#3), and 261 hz (C4)

36" Solar Flare Wind Gong - D#2

36" Solar Flare Wind Gong - $1,200

The black rings of the Chinese Solar Flare Wind Gong dampen the crash so it is a bit tamer to play.  I just love this gong!  It is so much fun to create such beautiful tones.   The fundamental frequency of this gong is around 79 hertz. (D#2)  Strong overtones are heard at 105 hz (G#2) 170,185 &199 hs ( F3, F#3, G3) For more information, give us a call and we can help you find your perfect Chinese or Paiste gong. 905-941-4695

26" Paiste Symphonic Gong - F#2

26" Paiste Symphonic Gong - $1175

Paiste gongs are made of a different material than the traditional Chinese gongs.  They are very popular with Kundalini Yoga Studios.

This Paiste gong has a fundamental around 94 hertz (F#2) with clear overtones around 139 hz (C#3), 185 hz (F#3) 240 hz (A#3), and 305 hz (D4)

24" Eclipse Wind Gong - G#2

24" Eclipse Wind Gong - $450

There is a lot of power in this little gong. The fundamental note is around 105 hertz (G#2) with overtones of 152 hz (D#3),  208 hz (G#3), 237 hz (A#3) and 305 hz (D#4) 


Ollihess Gong mallets

Actually ... Size Does Matter

When you strike a gong, many different sound waves are created. 

 High frequencies have tiny sound waves, low frequencies have big sound waves.

Using a big mallet dampens many of the tiny high sound waves so it allows your listener to hear more of the deep tones.  

Smaller mallets allow the higher frequencies to ring.

Friction mallets create magical sounds ranging from deep rumbles to high whale sounds.  

Most gong players have a variety of mallets to bring out the many tones.

Ollihess Gong Mallets

Here ia a sample video of some of the Ollihess Gong Mallets that we carry.

Sorry, but we do not have our Chinese and Paiste gongs listed on the online store just yet. To order


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